6 Tips untuk membeli Laptop

p/s : malas plak rse arini nk tlg translatekan..harap2 paham la ek..
Buying laptop might be a problem for few people. Some people don’t know how to compare which laptop is better and worth to buy. They always rely on salesman’s advise. But what happen if salesman turn to evil and gives wrong advise? Actually, buying a laptop is almost same like buying car. What we need to know is a few technical specs and these will help us get our money’s worth. Here we go.
Processor is the laptop’s brain. Laptops need better processor to run more tasks and better performance. Currently, the latest processor is Intel Core 2nd generation which known as i3, i5 and i7 and also AMD A Series.
Hardrive is storage disk to store all your contents, digital files and multimedia. The larger the capacity, the more data you can store. There are two types of hardisk, hardisk drive(HDD) and Solid State Drive (SSD). SSD still new in the market, smaller capacity and quite pricey compared to HDD.
All applications running on your laptop will be stored temporarily in memory or normally called as RAM. RAM will keep your laptop responsive and is essential for demanding programs and websites.
Graphics card
Graphics card is important for laptop’s graphics. There are two types of graphics card, integrated and dedicated. Integrated chips such as Intel GMA is intended for running basic functions and programs while dedicated graphics for gaming purpose.
Optical Drive
Nowadays, optical drive less important than all above. But you need it if you want to save files to external discs such as CD, DVD and Blue-ray. A few computer category such as Netbook and Ultrabook remove optical drive to make the laptops compact, light and more portable.
Additional specs
Another things about laptop we need to concern are battery lifetime, number and types of USB port, few port available in the laptop such as HDMI port and memory card reader,operating system (Windows or DOS) and special gifts (normally during promotion).

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