HUD Premium Windows 7 Theme

yang ni theme yg aku pakai skrang..ringan je..jgn risau =)

The HUD theme extras can be installed or uninstalled using 7tsp found in HUD Premium Theme rar all you need is already packed .Enjoy !!!

  • HUD Basic Theme
  • HUD Topshell Theme
  • HUD Topshell Basic Theme
  • HUD Icons
  • HUD Icons
  • System Clock
  • Shell32 Control panel images
  • MAX Glass Cursors
  • HUD Sound Scheme
  • System Properties Logo
  • Getting Started top Pane
  • Games Menu Preview Pane
  • New WEI index images with square borders
  • wmploc (Windows Media Player) Skin/Mod
  • New Fonts Eurostile, Unsteady Oversteer and Vibrocentric
  • Theme Resource Changer
  • And much more!!

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